Fruit-Based Cocktails for the Holidays

There is something festive about a fruity cocktail during the holiday season and since pears and apples are fall fruits they lend themselves well to celebratory beverages. We have compiled a few of our favorite cocktails here to add a bit of specialness to your next gathering.

Our SugarBee® Hot Spiced Cider is the perfect warm and cozy treat for a cold winter’s day by the fire. The addition of cranberries in the SugarBee® cider balances the sweet SugarBee® apples with a little tartness. This recipe is wonderful on its own as a nonalcoholic drink, or can also be used as a base for many other cocktail creations. Visit the recipe for other ideas.

Champagne is the celebratory beverage of choice an adding a frozen pear puree to it takes the party up a notch. The natural sweet and earthy flavor of the Red Anjou pears in our Frozen Pear Bellini make this cocktail a lovely choice for fall and winter parties.

Another twist on the pears and champagne theme is our Sparkling Pear Cocktail with Ginger and Rosemary. This herby and spicy cocktail tastes like fall in a champagne flute.

Mulled wine has been a part of winter celebrations for centuries. Our Apple Mulled Wine recipe is a nod to an old tradition with a few new twists. Served warm or chilled, this recipe will be a family favorite for years to come.

This holiday season, try adding some fall harvest apples and pears to your cocktail offerings to brighten up your celebration!

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