This perfect premium apple is the new buzz!

We are excited to announce our third season of Organic SugarBee® apples!

Our 4th and 5th generation Organic growers have been hard at work cultivating the trees to produce Organic SugarBee® apples. Look for this special organic packaging in stores now at New Seasons Markets, Metropolitan Markets, Whole Foods and other regional Organic specialty markets.

What's new with SugarBee®!

This premium cider goes through a rigorous process which starts by selecting only the best apples for blending. A tasting panel confirms it meets the high flavor standards of SugarBee® apples – flavor notes of honey, caramel and molasses.  It will leave you saying “Oh Honey, that’s Good!”. The cider is ultra-pasteurized so it can be stored unrefrigerated until you are ready to enjoy it.

You can find our cider at these retail locations: 

Cub Foods

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The SugarBee® Story
It all began one sunny day in an apple orchard many years ago...
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People Love SugarBee®!

See What Our Fans Have To Say About This Unique And Delicious Apple.

These are the BEST and most delicious apples I have had! I enjoyed sharing them with my group and have told many neighbors and friends about them! I am officially a fan of these amazing apples!

Mom's Meet Ambassador

Sugar Bee apples are delicious. We have used them in salads, as snacks with cheese, by themselves, and cooked in apple crisp. They are now one of the family favorites. These apples are crisp, crunchy and sweet with a hint of a caramel like taste.

Mom's Meet Ambassador

OMG, these apples are the best I have ever tried. My moms group, family and friends were so in love with the apples.

Mom's Meet Ambassador

They are realllly good, crispy and juicy, I'd like to bake with them! Good apple with crunch I'll definitely buy Sugarbees!

Mom's Meet Ambassador

Seriously the best apples ever! my kids and the kids of the other mommas seemed to really enjoy them! my kids are now begging to buy more!

Mom's Meet Ambassador

SugarBee apples are very crisp, juicy, sweet and delicious. They are a good and healthy for snacks, or to make baked goods, or, add to entrees. I would definitely purchase these as all in my family, and my friends I shared them with really enjoyed eating them

Mom's Meet Ambassador

My friends and family were happy and grateful that I introduced them to this very tasty sugar bee apples.

Mom's Meet Ambassador

We all agreed that the SugarBee Apples were delicious, very crunchy and sweet, and we would definitely buy them again.

Mom's Meet Ambassador

These apples were so delicious. I’m definitely glad we were picked to try this product out.Thank you so much!

Mom's Meet Ambassador

Great apples! We all really enjoyed them, including the kids! Thank you for allowing us to sample!

Mom's Meet Ambassador

SugarBee® is in stores now!

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