Sweet as can bee, crisp and juicy!

A NEW Apple Variety
Lovingly grown in the beautiful, elevated orchards of central Washington State

Our delicious SugarBee® Apples are grown and hand-picked on the fertile slopes of the Cascade Mountains in central Washington. They are delivered fresh from the grower to you. Touching sky and earth, our Chelan Fresh orchards are cooled by crisp air lifted from the beautiful Colombia River.

We are happy to share that there is a lot of excitement about our all new apple variety. To learn more about the growing process, taste qualities, and future of the SugarBee® apple, please enjoy this short film.

Looking for SugarBee®?

Our incredible SugarBee® apples are available at numerous locations across the United States. Use our store locator to find a retailer near you!

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The SugarBee® Story
It all began one sunny day in an apple orchard many years ago...
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